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Kim Coles tonight on Plus Model Radio with host Chenese Lewis

9 Aug

Radio Personality, keynote speaker, plus model and good friend Chenese Lewis was one of the first people to help me break into the Plus Model World.  She host the internets #1 blogcast for plus woman, Plus Model Radio.  Don’t miss this weeks show with actress, comedian, author, playwright and TV personality Kim Coles! Kim will gives the scoop on her latest venture, Open the G.I.F.T.S. and her upcoming appearances!


Nov 09 Cover & Editorial for Plus Model Magazine – Clothing by Torrid!

2 Nov

OMG I’m so excited to post photos from our latest and greatest shoot with Plus Model Magazine!

Clothing by Torrid.com

Styling by Reah Norman

Makeup & Hair by Artemis

Model Brittany Elizabeth from Heffner Management




Update on Inez Lewis Photography Plus Model Portfolio Shoots in New York!

13 Apr


We are happy to announce our Plus Model Portfolio rates for the upcoming NY trip June 7-8, 2009

New York Rates – Model Portfolio – 2 look minimum

2 looks including makeup and light hair $300

3 looks including makeup and light hair $450

Shoot dates: Sunday, June 7, 2009 – 28th Street Photo Studio Monday,

June 8, 2009 – Central Park

50% deposit required to hold your reservation.

Please call 310.492.5588 for more information.

Inez Lewis Photography is coming to NYC June 4-11, 2009

1 Apr

We are very excited to announce that Inez Lewis Photography is coming to NYC June 4-11, 2009.

June 5-6 we will be shooting erotic photography in a very upscale location to be announced in the next few days.

June 7-8 we will be shooting model portfolio looks.  Sunday, June 7 we will be at studio on 28th and Broadway shooting studio looks and on the roof.  Monday, June 8th we will be shooting at Central Park.

More detailed information will be posted in the next few days on rates and styling.  A 50% deposit is required when booking your shoot.   I’m so thrilled to be finally shooting in NYC.  It’s long over due!


Dec Beauty Editorial for Plus Model Magazine with Plus Model Rayna

1 Dec

I’ve been a contributing photographer for over a year now with the industry’s most well know online magazine Plus Model Magazine.  When I got the request to do this shoot I was very excited. The theme was Haute for the Holidays!  Product and plus fashion stylist Reah Norman along with Plus Model Mag beauty editor Artemis collaborated with me to produce this successful shoot.  It started off a little rocky.  Lighting jewelry on a model for the first time was a bit challenging but in the end we were happy with the results.  Thank you to Rayna for being patient with me as I experimented with different lighting set ups.  I learned a lot from this shoot and immediately got to apply what I learned for my next shoot a week later with jewelry company 1928.com.



New photos from plus model and stylist Reah Norman

26 Oct

I’ve worked with Reah Norman as a clothing stylists for many shoots for Plus Model Magazine.  For this shoot she got in front of the camera..  Reah  shot this for her modeling portfolio, shooting fall looks at a local park.  In most cases I strongly recommend working with a stylist.  What you may think looks good on you may not be the best clothing to get you work.  Things to consider are body type, what colors look best with you skin tone and hair and what looks are in fashion today but are not so trendy that your portfolio will look dated next season or year.

Looking for a stylist?  Reah is one of the best around specializing in plus models and product styling.  Check out her and Artemis’s links below.

Hair and makeup by Artemis

Styled and modeled by Reah Norman.

Investing in yourself – the cost of a photo shoot and why my shoots are NOT expensive

13 Oct

I’ve been going back and forth about if I should post this or not but after talking it over with a friend I think I should.  My blog should be a place to express myself and post things I can’t put on my website www.inezlewis.com.

I just raised my rates and speaking of rates in general – it’s my least favorite thing to talk about.  Why?  In a perfect world I could shoot anyone I thought interesting or beautiful.  I would spend all my time creating and trying to make others happy.  Okay, so you know where this is going…  We live in a world far from perfect.  People think because most photographers now shoot in digital that there are virtually no cost involved since there is no film to buy and develop.  NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have over $10k in equipment, a studio to pay for every month, all the normal living expenses, cost to upgrade computer software and hardware, new equipment to buy, training classes to take, monthly fees for advertising and cost for having an assistant, shipping materials, gas, etc, etc…

Now with all that said, let me break down the cost of my most expensive package listed for a model portfolio shoot as of 10/13/08

$800 = 3 looks, makeup and hair, stylist, approx 150 photos with 6 retouches

So how does this $800 breakdown?

$200 makeup and hair

$200 stylists

$100 assistant

what does that leave me?  $300

What do I do for $300?

come up or collaborate for the shoot concepts for each look

buy any materials I made need like a seamless background or new light bulb

shoot and be in studio for approx 5 hours

go home and do color corrections, convert to jpgs, post online gallery for about 3 hours

after you make your selections or I do it for you, retouch 6 photos for 3 to 5 hours

On average, I am spending a minimum of 11 hours on your shoot.  That breaks down to about $27 per hour before material expenses and taxes.  Yes I do have to pay federal income tax on the $300.

Some people think $800 is expensive for a model portfolio shoot.  I have to disagree.  I think it’s a deal.  If all involved do their job, you get photos that will potentially bring you lots of jobs which equal money and fame.  We all must invest in ourselves to make it, especially in the entertainment industry.  Nothing is free, especially not my time.

After seeing this breakdown I hope some of you that didn’t understand before now do see, I’m not getting rich off of a $800 shoot.  I’m barely getting enough.  I want a new camera and new lights.  These things help me make better photos.  My rates will go up soon so book now and save.

Photos done recently of Los Angeles DJ Phys Ed.