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Kim Coles tonight on Plus Model Radio with host Chenese Lewis

9 Aug

Radio Personality, keynote speaker, plus model and good friend Chenese Lewis was one of the first people to help me break into the Plus Model World.  She host the internets #1 blogcast for plus woman, Plus Model Radio.  Don’t miss this weeks show with actress, comedian, author, playwright and TV personality Kim Coles! Kim will gives the scoop on her latest venture, Open the G.I.F.T.S. and her upcoming appearances!


Model Portfolio shoot – Editorial Style w/Inez Lewis Photography

1 Aug

Updating or building your portfolio?

You want editorial work?  Be a step a head of the pack.

You can be the model that looks like she could pull it off or you can be the model the client is looking for.

Editorial Portfolio Builder Summer Special – $450

What is included?

3 looks or clothing changes

makeup and light hair

3 magazine quality retouched photos

proofs on disk and/or online gallery

Where: downtown Los Angeles or at a location you provide

How to prepare?  If you are local we can first meet to brainstorm on what kind of look and feel will work best for you.  Be prepared to work!  Your ideas are important.  My best shoots come out of collaboration.   At the shoot I help with posing but the work you put in before the shoot will make all the difference.

How to reserve your shoot?  A deposit is needed at the time of booking to hold your place.  You are welcome to pay in full or in 2 or 3 installments.  Payments are accepted online through PayPal (PayPal account not required), cash, western union, money gram or money order.  The balance must paid in full the day of your shoot.  Deposits are non refundable but your shoot can be rescheduled with in 48 hours of the appointment.

Clothing stylist services are highly recommended.  Please check out my two favorite artist.  A clothing stylist can help you put together the best from your closet, go with you and shop for new clothing or do a combination of both depending on your budget.  Even if you are happy with the way you dress yourself a good stylist knows what agencies look for and how to dress you best based on your coloring, body type, season and market you will work well in.



Offer good through September 30, 2010

***Deposits must be in by Aug 26, 2010***

Redefine Reality Fashion Show w/ Americas Next Top Model Winner Whitney Thompson – Los Angeles Fashion Week

14 Oct

I’ll be covering this event and just saw a posting today that they are casting Plus Models 10/16, the date is confusing but you can call!  Hopefully this posting will help someone out.

Casting PLUS SIZE Female Runways Models (sizes) 10-20
For LA Fashion Week w/LITM Jeans, Ed Hardy, & the new Christian Audigier line, Paco Chicano.
Star studded event on 10/16

Casting & Fitting: Wednesday, October 16th – 10:30am-1:30pm SHARP
@ Renaissance Marriott Hotel Information
1755 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 856.1200

Click the invitation to see the full version.

My Interview with Plus Model Magazine – Janice Dickerson Photo Shoot

1 Oct

I’ve been a contributing photographer for Plus Model Magazine for about a year now.  We recently did a shoot for the Janice Dickerson show that will air Oct 14th on Oxygen.  Check out my interview with Maddy Figueroa-Jones for this months issue.  Go to there site for more photos (see link above)

Here are photos from the Janice Dickerson shoot with models Ivory May.

by Maddy Figueroa-Jones

Inez Lewis has been a part of the PLUS Model Magazine family for nearly a year and has produced some of our best covers and editorials. As a photographer she is passionate about her work and as a curvy woman herself she identifies with the plus size industry. It’s no wonder that Inez has become one of todays most sought after photographers in the LA area.

[Maddy]  You have created a name for yourself pretty quickly in the plus size modeling industry as a photographer. How did you first become interested in photography?

[Inez] It’s funny none of my friends expected this.  The desire to be a photographer seems to have come out of nowhere but when I talked to my brother, he says that he is not surprised.  When I was a teen I always was into fashion mags (I didn’t remember that till he reminded me). I always loved Elle Magazine… that was my favorite.  I would fall in love each month with all the beautiful images.  Other than that I honestly never thought about photography.  I dabbled in plus modeling in my early 20’s.  I thought about getting back into it about 3 years ago and I booked a shoot and guess that I bugged the photographer asking a lot of questions.  He suggested I take a class and that was my start with photography!  After finding photography, I knew I wanted to shoot plus.  Through Chenese Lewis I was introduced to PLUS Model Magazine.  You, (Maddy) where nice enough to give me a chance to shoot an editorial last year.  Plus Model Magazine has exposed me to people all over the country and abroad.  Thank God I found photography and PLUS Model Magazine.  I didn’t know what to do with myself!

[Maddy] Who are some of your favorite photographers?

[Inez] I really am not well versed in who’s who in photography.  I do have a few though that I love.  Okay a short list…

Miles Aldridge – I love surrealism.

Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin – Just plain beautiful and dreamy!

Gary Scott’s studio work – Nothing too complicated but gorgeous!

Let’s not forget about the retouchers.  I do my own and still have a lot to learn.  Retouching can make or break a photo.  I have a lot of respect for those retouch artist out there.
[Maddy] You shoot more than just plus size models… do you feel like you have a special connection with the plus modeling industry because you are a curvy girl yourself?

[Inez] Just like you have a special love for people of your same ethnicity or nationality, I feel a special something for the curvy community.  We share so many of the same things in life.

It’s a bit complex… The desire to show the world that we can be just as beautiful, admired, intelligent, capable, sexy and desired as any of our thinner counterparts, but at the same time we have such issues about our self-image.  I realize people of all sizes have self-image issues but being an overweight majority in a world that puts thin girls on a pedestal is especially confusing and irritating to me. In my personal life and now in photography, it’s very silly to me that it’s hard to find fabulous couture clothing.  I want to shoot lovely plus models in beautiful high end fabrics and colors like what I see in straight magazines, but it’s not out there! (By the way if there is someone designing stuff like this CONTACT ME!). I could go on about this but I think most people know where I’m coming from.

[Maddy]  Some of your covers for PLUS have been fan favorites – tell me about your experience while shooting the Janice Dickinson models.

[Inez] That’s a huge compliment.  I’m really appreciative of the positive attention I have received since shooting for PLUS Model Magazine.

Now to the Janice shoot.  I was really a nervous wreck leading up to the shoot.  After meeting with Reah Norman who styled the shoot I started to feel better.  I did find the location but she came up with the wonderful idea of doing something retro.  I want to make sure everyone knows what a big influence Reah and Mia had on this shoot.  Mia did a lot to help Alana our new model get the most out of her shoot.  Also thanks to Mia, I did not have to deal with Janice too much while shooting.  That left me able to concentrate on lighting and all the other little things that go into making a good shoot. Let me not leave out hair and makeup.  Artemis, Marlene G and Jo Williams did an amazing job capturing what we where going for while dealing with all the cameras.  What a great team I had!

Ivory May being a veteran in this business was of course amazing to shoot.  She knows exactly how to use her body.  It was a joy to work with a pro like that.  I have been wanting to shoot her for some time and am really happy that I got to work with her on this project.

I believe this was Alana’s first big shoot.  She was a bit nervous and unsure at first but then really pulled it together in the end.  Dealing with more than one big ego on the set, all the cameras and excitement, I think she did a great job.  I can’t wait to see what she will be able to accomplish in the coming years.  One of my clients has already showed interest in using her for a campaign.

[Maddy] We chose two very different models for the September Editorial… Ivory being a seasoned model, and Alana being a newer model. As a photographer how do you help to bring out the best in the “newer” model?

[Inez] I think one of the key things in working with a new model is patience!  You have to allow for mistakes.  That comes with every shoot anyway.  I try to make sure the model knows that everyone usually needs to warm up.  It’s okay to feel nervous but then don’t take yourself so seriously and get over it and have fun.  I try to balance giving direction with giving artistic freedom to explore.  The more you shoot the better you become.  Practicing in a mirror is always helpful.  Not just before your shoot but in between looks if possible too when you are new.  Know your body, which of your sides is your best.  Play up your strengths.  Especially in a shoot with a new model it’s important to provide an environment of open communication with all involved.

Let me say that with this shoot for Janice, Alana did not have the luxury of patience and time and she still did a great job.  Kudos to you Alana!
[Maddy]  What are your personal tips for aspiring models working on their portfolio?

[Inez] I think it’s helpful to identify models with similar faces and body types that are where you want to be.  Take what works in their portfolio and then make it your own.  Shoot as much as possible and with different photographers, but be selective.

If you want to be a professional model you will need to plan your career.  I don’t think there is anything wrong at all doing sexy shoots but if you want to be a pro, know that it can lead you in the wrong direction.

And a few more tips… Don’t post untouched photos.  Do invest in a stylist.  Get your model bag together. When you shoot have a clear idea of you what you are going for.   Don’t assume that the photographer will just figure it out for you and you just show up.

Great shoots are not usually created by one person.  Collaborate on a vision and plan it out.  Planning is important.

[Maddy] What is next for you and where will we see your work pop up next?

[Inez] For plus modeling, I’m planning on traveling next year.  I’m working on a trip to Miami in Nov 08 and will come to NYC in the Spring 09.  I’m in the process of deciding what cities I’ll go to next year now.

Besides plus photography, I really love music photography.  I’ve done 4 CD covers and am working on more. I’m building my celebrity portfolio and am shooting a lot of that this winter.  I’ve done a cover for Sister 2 Sister magazine last year and am working on getting in to more magazines.

Most of all I want to show that people of all sizes can be beautiful and edgy.  I’d love to shoot a plus ad campaign that ends up in a major straight fashion mag.  Wish me luck!

View more of Inez’s work on her website www.ilcreative.com