Stylist Services

Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists:

I highly recommend the artists below.  Please check out there sites and contact them with questions. If you have concerns about who is best for certain types of looks you are welcome to ask my opinion.  If you want to use someone else other than my recommended artists please email me a link to their work.
These artist are also a great resource when you have a special event.  Want to look your best on the red carpet, holiday party or other special event?  Consider hiring one of these talented professionals to help you look your best when it really counts.

Makeup & Hair

Artemis 917.903.2119
DeeDee Kelly (818) 916-6868
Felicia Leatherwood (Hair only – Natural Hair Care Specialist) 323.855.4178
Jo & Marlene
562-577-2616 or 562-424-8823

Keesh Winkler-Smith  310.993.6045
Tania Russell 323-317-0344

Clothing Stylists

Reah Norman – clothing & product stylist (Plus Models) 323-377-1463
Kristen Turner 310.498.2568
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